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Case Results

  • $825,000 Motorcycle Accident

    A 55 year old man was involved in a motorcycle accident when he was struck by a left hand turning vehicle in Chicago. As a result of the accident, our client suffered a fracture to his femur which required surgery. The case settled for $825,000. Read On

  • $810,000 Car Accident

    A 40 year old man was involved in a car accident where he was rear ended while stopped at a traffic light. As a result of the accident, our client suffered an aggravation of his pre-existing back condition, which ultimately led to back surgery. The case settled for $810,000. Read On

  • $800,000 Truck Accident/Premises Liability

    Our client, a 53 year old truck mechanic, was working at a truck repair shop on a semi-truck trailer. While he was on a ladder fixing the top of the trailer, the owner of the truck started up the truck and took off, causing our client to fall over 13 feet to the ground. We filed a lawsuit against... Read On

  • $775,000 CTA Bus Accident

    A 77 year old woman was exiting a Chicago Transit Authority bus when the bus started to roll forward. As a result, she fell out of the slowly moving bus. She fractured her patella and torn ligaments in her knee, requiring surgery. The CTA disputed that the bus was moving, but through diligent inv... Read On

  • $750,000 Construction Accident

    A 40 year old man was working on a construction site on a roof when the floor of the roof collapsed, send him falling to the ground. He suffered fractures to his jaw and arm. We sued the general contractor and a subcontractor for his serious personal injuries due to this construction accident. Th... Read On

  • $655,000 Premise Liability

    A 60 year old women going to the Rolling Meadows courthouse for a divorce in wheelchair struck a damaged portion of the handicap ramp leading into the courthouse, causing a severe fracture to her leg. We were able to show that the defendant Cook County had notice of the defective area months befo... Read On

  • $645,000 Drunk Driving Accident

    A family of five was struck by drunk driver, resulting in the death of three of the family members and injuries to three others. The drunk driver, a 19 year old girl, was convicted of DUI. She had a small $20,000 insurance policy. We sued the server of alcohol under the Illinois Dram Shop Act. Al... Read On

  • $575,000 Car Accident

    An 19 year old man was a passenger in a two car accident. As a result, he fractured his femur, requiring surgery. Our firm sued both drivers for negligence and the owner of one of the cars for negligent entrustment. Due to a dispute between the insurance companies, no offer to settle was made bef... Read On

  • $560,000 Car Accident

    Our clients, a 40 year old man and his 38 year old girlfriend, were rear-ended by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel of his car. Our male client suffered injuries to his neck, a large laceration to his head and an aggravation of his pre-existing back condition. His case settled for $500,000. O... Read On

  • $505,641 Medical Malpractice

    Medical malpractice jury verdict. A 40 yr. old woman had a suture placed in her ureter during a hysterectomy, causing serious problems for 14 months, including surgery. After 14 months, her problems we fixed. We were able to show that the surgeon who operated on her tried to blame his assistant, ... Read On

  • $445,000 Car Accident/Premises Liability

    A 20 year old man was working at a Subway Sub Shop when an SUV plowed through the side of the building, injuring eight people inside the restaurant. Our client suffered a fractured femur, requiring surgery. Despite limited insurance for the negligent driver, we were able to recover $445,000 by wa... Read On

  • City Ordinance Declared Unconstitutional

    Our firm, with two other attorneys, represented Mark Weinberg, author of a book about Bill Wirtz, owner of the Chicago Blackhawks. Chicago police threatened our client with arrest on 3 nights. We filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging that our client's 1st amendment free speech rights were vio... Read On

  • $400,000 Car Accident

    A 58 yr old woman was struck from behind, injuring her neck. She ultimately needed fusion surgery to her neck. The case settled for $400,000. Read On

  • $360,000 Motorcycle Accident

    A 29 yr old man was involved in a motorcycle accident and fractured his arm, dislocated his thumb and had a hernia. The case settled for $360,000. Read On

  • $350,000 Medi-Car Accident

    An 88 yr old woman in a medi-car stopped suddenly, throwing her inside. The driver dropped her off at the emergency room, where she fell, injuring her neck. She died 3 weeks later. The case settled for $340,000 due to limited insurance. Other client got $10,000 for soft tissue injuries. Read On

  • $325,000 Motorcycle Accident

    30 year old man was riding a motorcycle when he was struck by a taxicab in the Loop. Our client suffered an aggravation of a previously dormant congenital disorder, Arnold-Chiari Malformation. As a result of the aggravation, our client underwent neurosurgery to his skull. The case settled for $32... Read On

  • $320,000 Premise Liability

    A painter, who was painting a house in the northern suburbs, fell 25 feet off his ladder when the owner's son was backing his car down the driveway, and struck the ladder. Our client, a forty year old man, suffered a fractured skull, shoulder and back injuries. Fortunately, no surgery was necessa... Read On

  • $315,000 Car Accident

    A mother and daughter were driving home when they were struck by a car that lost control. The daughter suffered a fractured pelvis. Her case settled for $245,000. The mother had 27 stitches in her head. She settled for $75,000. Read On

  • $300,000 Slip & Fall Accident

    An 80 year old woman was shopping in Delray Farms when she slipped on water accumulated on the floor when a store employee was “watering” the vegetable display. Our client suffered a serious knee injury, resulting in surgery. The case settled for $300,000. Read On

  • $300,000 Car Accident

    A man and his wife were struck head-on in an car accident. Both suffered various injuries. The case settled for the $300,000 insurance policy limits. Read On

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