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Brookfield Personal Injury Attorney

Brookfield, Illinois

Brookfield is a village in Cook County, Illinois.  It is approximately 13 miles west of Chicago. The population was over 19,085 residents at the 2000 census.  Brookfield is home to the world-famous Brookfield Zoo.  Brookfield is a total of 3.1 square miles, all of it land.

The median income for a household in the village was $52,636, and the median income for a family was $64,075.  Brookfield-LaGrange Elementary School District 95 is the primary, elementary school district for Brookfield residents.  Some famous residents include Milt Bocek – professional baseball player, Douglas Campbell – Green Party candidate and Lou Saban – college and professional football coach.


The Brookfield Police Department is the police agency that investigated Bridgeview car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and truck accident.  The Brookfield Police Department is located at 8820 Brookfield Ave Brookfield, IL 60513.  Contact the Police Department for non-emergency concerns at (708) 485-8131.  If you are involved in an accident in Brookfield involving personal injury, call 911.  To order an Illinois Traffic Crash Report, send a letter along with a $5 fee to the records division, Brookfield Police Department, 8820 Brookfield Ave., Brookfield, IL 60513. Make sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope so the report will be mailed back to you.  

The Illinois Traffic Crash Report is an important document when pursuing a person injury case.  It contains the name of the people involved in the accident, their addresses and the names and addresses of witnesses to the accident.  It also contains whether or not a ticket was issued by the Brookfield Police to any of the drivers involved in the accident.  Finally, it contains the name and policy number for all of the people involved in a Bridgeview personal injury accident.


When driving in any suburban town drivers should be on the alert for bicycle riders and pedestrians.  Brookfield bicycle accidents can occur without notice.  The same is true for Brookfield pedestrian accidents.  Be careful as you approach stops signs near playgrounds and schools.  Many accidents occur at the Brookfield Zoo, which is located in Brookfield, IL.  Caution must be given when driving in the parking lots at the zoo where many children are walking to and from the attractions.  Many car accidents occur in the parking lot with pedestrians.


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