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Verbal and Emotional Abuse

Chicago Nursing Home Verbal and Emotional Abuse Lawyer

Many times we think of bullying as a childhood event. As a Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer, I know that verbal abuse or bullying is very common in nursing homes across America. The abuse could be from a staff member, fellow resident or visitor. Verbal abuse or bullying of a nursing home resident can have a significant physiological impact on the victims. Many times the signs of verbal abuse may not be immediately present. They can manifest and become devastating, leading to mental or psychological problems, illness, and even death.

Warning Signs of Verbal and Emotional Abuse

  • Depression
  • Agitation
  • Loss or lack of appetite
  • Difficulty sleeping or insomnia
  • New onset of episodes of anxiety and stress.
  • Changes in affect
  • Inappropriate and unusual behavior such as hitting, thumb sucking, nail biting or repetitious rocking
  • Isolation from other residents and family

As a Chicago nursing home abuse attorney, I have seen that as with physical abuse, not all victims of verbal abuse report the occurrence. Many are afraid of retaliation. Some victims have been threatened by the abuser if the report the event.

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