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Defective Drugs

Chicago Defective Drugs Attorney

Everyday new drugs are approved by the FDA and enter the marketplace. Many save patient lives and improve the patient's quality of life. As Chicago injury lawyers we have represented many individuals that have suffered injuries as a result of a dangerous or defective drug. Unfortunately along with the benefits of pharmaceutical drugs come some inherent dangers. There are thousands of prescription drugs sold in the US every day. To date an unprecedented number of side effects both minor and major, ranging from mood disruptions to brain injury, heart attack and death has been reported. It may take months, even years, before a dangerous side effect manifests itself.

Nemeroff Law Offices has expertise in personal injury law and medical malpractice, and we are equipped to apply considerable pressure to pharmaceutical companies and the courts on your behalf.

There are three different types of drug-related liability claims: defectively manufactured drugs, drugs with dangerous side effects and improperly marketed drugs.

Defectively Manufactured Pharmaceutical Drugs

This type of liability involved pharmaceutical drugs that were improperly manufactured or somehow became tainted. This can be the result of an error at the manufacturing plant or at the pharmacy where the drug was made or bottled. Basically, an error made at any point in between the factory and the place where you received the drug can result in a manufacturing defect.

Dangerous Side Effects

Even if a drug was properly manufactured, it can still have dangerous side effects that result in injury. This can involve drugs that were on the market for a substantial amount of time before it is discovered that they increase the risk of some type of injury.

Improperly Marketed Pharmaceutical Drugs

This refers to the warnings, instructions or recommendations concerning the use of a pharmaceutical drug. Failure to provide adequate or accurate warnings about any dangerous side effects or failure to provide adequate instruction about the safe use of the drug can result in injury. Additionally, any bad advice given by the manufacturer to a doctor, pharmacist, sales representative or other type of medical provider can leave the manufacturer liable.

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