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Who is at fault for the deadly Florida Interstate 75 multi-vehicle pileup crash?

Posted by David Nemeroff | Jan 29, 2012 | 0 Comments

Watching the news last night, I was horrified as I looked at the images of the deadly Florida Interstate 75 multi-vehicle pileup accident. The crash site looked like a scene out of the Hollywood motion picture “The Day After”. Multiple cars and trucks were lying on top of one another. Vehicles were burnt past recognition, many still smoldering. At least ten victims were reported as killed. Over 18 others were taken to local hospitals with varying degrees of injury. As a Chicago personal injury lawyer, I understand that an extensive investigation needs to be conducted to determine the party at fault for the fatal multi vehicle pile-up accident. Many questions remained unanswered at the moment. What caused the fatal highway pileup? Where Florida Highway authorities too quick to reopen the closed Interstate? Who is at fault?

The fatal highway pileup or multi-vehicle accident occurred on Sunday during the early morning hours. Accounts of the accident from eye witnesses, victims and rescuers were horrifying. The visibility was so poor that one could not see, it was blinding. Rescuers could only locate victims by their screams and cry's for assistance. Victims with varying degrees of injuries were located along the highway for approximately one mile. Many of the victims suffered catastrophic injuries. Catastrophic injuries could include spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries and severe burns.

It has been reported that a local brushfire caused a combination of dense fog and smoke. Due to poor visibility, the Florida Interstate 75 was closed by authorities for a period of time before the multi-vehicle pileup occurred. According to officials, road visibility returned to within normal limits and the Interstate was reopened for travel. The cause of the fire remains undetermined. As a Chicago multi-vehicle accident attorney, I understand that multiple vehicle accidents can occur due to many factors. The most common cause of multi-vehicle accidents are the result of one car crashing into another and a chain-reaction occurs. This is what appears to have happened on Florida interstate 75 as a result of the dense fog and smoke.

Handling a multi-vehicle accident can be very complex. Multiple injured victims and insurance companies are involved. A timely investigation of the highway accident is critical. Evidence relating to the highway accident case needs to be identified and secured. In many cases, attorneys will consult with experts in the field of highway accidents. These highway accident experts or accident reconstruction experts will review the accident scene and preserve physical evidence. Experts will work to identify and collect vital information from the accident scene.

Examples of the information or evidence can include video or photographs of the accident site, witnesses accounts, and assessment of weather and road conditions. They will analyze this collection of evidence and use vital information to determine the fault in the case. Fault is a critical component in any car accident claim. The party at fault is the person or entity whose negligence caused the accident. Typically, the person or party that was determined at fault will pay for the damage caused by their negligence.

If you have been involved in a multi-vehicle accident, it is best to consult with an experienced Chicago multi-vehicle accident attorney to review your case. They have experience navigating and negotiating claims with multiple parties. In these types of multiple vehicle accident cases an experienced attorney can be critical to maximizing your compensation for your injuries.

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