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Who Can Be Held Liable for a Defective Motor Vehicle or Motor Vehicle Part?

Posted by David Nemeroff | Nov 10, 2013 | 0 Comments

If a car accident was caused by a defect in your motor vehicle and it resulted in an injury, you may have a product liability claim. Product liability lawsuits that have been filed due to motor vehicle defects include SUV and ATV rollovers, tires that were prone to blowouts and motorcycles prone to wobbling. Product liability claims involving motor vehicles typically involve the defective manufacture of a vehicle or vehicle parts or dangerously designed vehicles.

When a lawsuit is filed due to an improperly manufactured vehicle or part, it is possibly because of an error on the part of the manufacturing facility where the vehicle or the part was created, or because of a problem during shipping, at the dealership or the supplier. If a lawsuit is filed due to an unreasonably dangerous design, it is possibly because the vehicle or part was inherently dangerous, rather than defectively manufactured.

In a products liability claim involving a motor vehicle, there is a potential for multiple defendants. There is a long "chain of distribution" involved in the making of motor vehicles/parts and it is important to identify any potential responsible parties for your claim in order to get the compensation you deserve.

The manufacturer of a motor vehicle will typically be a large company, which means they will have more money in order to compensate you, but also means they will have good lawyers. The manufacturer of a defective part may be a separate company. You should make sure you include all manufacturers in your claim, unless you know you bought a defective part separately (i.e. replacement tires).

You may also bring a claim against a car dealership or auto supply store that sold the defective product, even if you were not the buyer. Even if you borrowed a car with a defect or if you were in an accident with a car that had a defect, you may still have a valid products liability claim. An experienced Chicago car accident lawyer can help you determine your legal options.

In addition to manufacturers and dealers, shipping companies, retailers and any other entities along the chain of distribution can be held liable for a deceptive product. It is important to work with an experienced products liability attorney in order to identify all responsible parties and protect your rights against any insurance companies that become involved.

For more information regarding your rights in a motor vehicle products liability claim, contact an experienced Chicago car accident attorney from Nemeroff Law Offices – 312.629.8800.

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