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Uber Claims That the App is Reducing DUI Arrests

Posted by David Nemeroff | Jul 24, 2014 | 0 Comments

Rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft have been making the headlines recently, seemingly fighting with everyone — from companies, to the insurance industry, and at this rate probably your grandma who's impatiently standing on the sidewalk still trying to figure out how to turn the dang thing on. Besides all of Uber's legal woes, the company recently came out with a more positive statement/claim — they believe their app is the cause of decreased DUI citations.

It's true — these apps make is a lot easier for people to get around Chicago. No need to wait on a deserted street hoping that there will be a taxi to flag down. You know exactly when your ride will get there, and rideshares are often a lot cheaper than taxi cabs — but are they really reducing DUI arrests?

DUI Statistics and Uber App – Coincidence or Cause?

California police, who admit that numbers peaked before Uber started operating and have noticed a drop in offenses since, say that there is no evidence that Uber is the cause. There's no way we can measure how we can relate that to DUI arrests, stated LAPD Lt. Michelle Loomis, who believes lots of positive efforts could have played a role in the decrease. Efforts she mentioned were things like more DUI education, and a change in how the community views DUI driving.

Seattle Police Detective Drew Fowler sees things similarly to Loomis, stating,  we have seen a decrease in the number of DUI arrests made. If part of that can be assigned to the introduction of Uber, fantastic. But I don't think proving the veracity of that is going to be very easy to do. Blogger Nate Good, a Chief Technology Officer further emphasizes this idea, and writes in his blog, as the famous adage goes, correlation does not equate to causation. He continues, there can always be other things in play here that are affecting these DUI trends.

While it may be difficult for Uber to prove that the rideshare apps trend is affecting DUI citations, statistics from San Francisco, Seattle, and Philadelphia show a decrease since companies like Uber drove into town. Whatever the cause — the apps, the efforts of the police, or a culture shift.  DUIs offenses are down. That's great news for all.

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