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Top Chicago Radio Personality Takes One for the Team to Stop Drunk Driving

Posted by David Nemeroff | Aug 23, 2011 | 0 Comments

With Labor Day fast approaching and the summer coming to a close, drivers all over the US will head to the highways to visit perhaps for the last time a favorite hot spot. Holiday celebrating usually results in individuals leaving the local taverns and bars into the early hours of the morning. What can follow after a night of drinking can be tragic?

Let's give a hand to a local radio show for trying to educate their listeners on the dangers of drinking and driving. You may know him or listen to his show every morning. It's Pete McMurray, the morning host of Chicago's 97.9 The Loop and NBC Chicago's “24/7” television show. He is going to participate in an on air experiment to educate listeners on the dangers of alcohol on judgment. What effect does alcohol have on one's judgment ability? McMurray will be an active participant in a “Wet Lab Experiment”. This experiment is sponsored by the Illinois State Police. Again, what is a wet lab? It is a controlled environment in which a person will consume alcohol in order to a reach a blood alcohol level of 0.08 BAC. This is the legal limit in State of Illinois. He will then participate in a series of task, to demonstrate the effects that alcohol can manifest on an individual's fine and gross motor skills. The demonstration will show the effect of even a single drink of alcohol can on your abilities and judgment. Thank you to McMurray for bringing this extremely important topic to the airways.

In 2009, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that approximately 320 were killed due to crashes involving an alcohol. Of those injured in alcohol related crashes, many sustain catastrophic injuries. Every year in Illinois, over 50,000 drivers are arrested for driving under the influence. As a Chicago injury lawyer and DUI victim, I understand the suffering experienced by drunk driving victims. I became a Chicago personal injury lawyer after being in a crash with a drunk driver. His blood alcohol was twice the legal limit. Why did he make the choice to drink and drive that night? Perhaps, I will never know. He as an immigrant from Poland, it is believed that he fled the country to avoid prosecution.

As a result of my car crash, I am dedicated and passionate in assisting drunk driving victims recover sufficiently for their injuries or a family's loss. I have been involved in various community organizations over the years. I have spoken for MADD, on victim advocate panels and serving on the Board of Directors for the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists (AAIM) for over 3 years. One way to stop the violent crime of drunk driving from occurring is to educate the public. Drinking and driving is a violent crime. We need to educate the public on this.

I want to take a moment to reach out and thank Pete McMurray for bringing this experiment to the local airways. If this information prevents one individual from drinking and driving, we may just have saved a life!

SOURCE: Chicago Radio Personality Takes One for the Team to Stop Drunk Driving, PR Newswire, Chicago, Aug. 23, 2011 PR Newswire

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