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Rolling Meadows distracted driver claims another life

Posted by David Nemeroff | Sep 04, 2011 | 0 Comments

Every day while driving in my car, I see other drivers chatting and texting while driving. I think to myself, what in the world is so important that the person driving cannot wait until they reach their destination to read or send messages. Texting while driving is increasing in popularity. Every day distracted drivers are jeopardizing the safety of others to send a message.

Distracted drivers are talking and texting while driving. They are taking their eyes off the road and their hands off the wheel. This practice is very dangerous and puts every motorists and pedestrian on the road in danger. In the past ten years, cell phones or mobile devices have become an integrated part of everyday life for many Americans. Imagine not being able to call someone while walking down the street? Just this week in Chicago, a twenty three year old driver hit and killed a pedestrian while reading messages from her cell phone.

A Chicago man was killed this week after sustaining catastrophic injures on Aug. 1 . The victim was changing a flat tire on his car when he was struck by a distracted driver. A 23 yr. old distracted driver, searching and reading texts from her cell phone hit and kills a pedestrian changing a tire. The auto accident happened in the suburb of Rolling Meadows.

The victim was changing the tire on his car. He was in the safety zone on the shoulder of the road. The distracted driver admitted to scrolling through her cell phone while driving. In an instant, she lost control of her car. Her car swerved into the middle lane and hit a tractor-trailer truck. She lost control of the car and proceeded to rear ended the victims vehicle on shoulder. The victim was struck outside his car. The victim died from the catastrophic injuries he received on impact. The distracted driver received three tickets. One for improper lane change or usage, one for driving on the shoulder, and the last for texting while driving.

Across the US many states have banned the use of hand-held cell phone use while driving. Many states have prohibited drivers under the age of eighteen from using cell phones. Factor these together, the inexperience of a teen driver, coupled with using a hand held device while driving. This move is to protect both the teen driver and other motorists on the road. Reports have indicated that over 30 states have enacted texting bans. State legislatures are hoping that these new laws and bans will reduce the amount of accidents related to distracted driving. Other reports have shown that texting and driving carries the same risk as drinking and driving.

According to Chicago injury lawyer David Nemeroff, texting while driving is an increasing and rampant problem. It has and become an “epidemic “on the roads. This increased use of mobile devices has caused numerous car accidents. Texting is even more dangerous than talking on your cell phone. We need strict laws that will carry steep fines if you disregard the hand held devise rules. In order to make our streets safe, we need to ban hand held devices.

The message is simple – Put it down! The life you save could be your own.

Source: Man dies month after texting driver crashes into his vehicle, Sun Times, September 1, 2011

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