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Preventing playground accidents

Posted by David Nemeroff | Sep 06, 2011 | 0 Comments

It's a beautiful day outside, the sun is shining and you are on your way to the playground with your children. Playgrounds, parks and outdoor backyard play equipment offer kid's endless hours of outdoor fun. You never think that an injury could happen during that visit. It is estimated that over 201,000 children are taking to the emergency room of a hospital for an injury from a playground accident. Many of these playground injuries could have been prevented.

Most of the time we automatically assume that since we are going to a local playground, that it is safe. That's not always the case. As parents are tasked with the responsibility of making sure that the playground is safe for our children. One action as parents that we can take is to check the equipment for any potential hazards. We should also instruct our children on proper playground behavior. As well as teaching our children some safety guidelines. Don't allow children to stand on swings. I see this all the time at the local playgroup. Parents watching as their children are attempting dangerous stunts on playground equipment. Teaching our children on how to play safely is critical to playground safety.

If a child knows and understands the rules of the playground, this will reduce injuries. As always, every playground should have adequate adult supervision. This can help prevent a playground injuries. It's a very simple and easy solution. As adults and parents we need to monitor that children are using the playground equipment properly. Proper instruction on the use of playground equipment can reduce the incidence of playground accidents. Adults also need to be in attendance in the event that an injury occurs. The adult can assist the child, and then can call more emergency medical help if needed. I have seen children obeying the rules of the playground injure themselves. On one visit to a playgroup, a young girl was swinging from the monkey bars. One minute she happy and laughing, the next minute she was on the ground. In moments she had lost hold of the bar and crashed to the ground. She struck her head very hard on the asphalt. Her parents immediate checked her level of consciousness and called for help.

This is a great example as to why children should always be supervised on the playground. Young kids have troubling determining the distances between equipment. This girl misjudged the arms distance from the bars, causing her to strike her head. Some children feel the need to test their limits on the playground. How fast can I run, how high can fast can I swing. All these types of activities can cause serious or catastrophic injuries.

According to Chicago Child Injury lawyer David Nemeroff, emergency departments of hospitals treat more than 201,000 children for playground-related injuries. Statistics have shown that greater than forty percent of playground-related injuries are severe injuries such as a head injury or traumatic brain injuries, fractures, internal injuries, concussions, dislocations, and amputations.

When a child is injured due to an accident, the child's parent or guardians can bring a lawsuit on behalf of the injured child. In the tragic event of a child's death, parents and family members may have legal rights under the Illinois Wrongful Death Act. An experienced child injury attorney can advise you and your family what damages may be recoverable, and how best to pursue your claim.

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