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Man Killed in DUI crash near Millennium Park

Posted by David Nemeroff | Oct 03, 2011 | 0 Comments

A senseless DUI tragedy took place on Lake Shore Drive this weekend. A fatal car crash took the life of a a man visiting the Chicago area from Washington. The man was hit while walking on Lake Shore Drive. The driver of the car was charged with aggravated DUI after hitting the pedestrian in the roadway. It is reported that the drunk driver had allegedly been drinking at a South Side bar earlier that evening. The driver was arrested at the scene.

As both a Chicago accident and injury attorney and a DUI victim, I have a unique perspective on the suffering experienced by drunken driving victims. I became an attorney while I was recovering from my own serious injuries. Over 20 years ago, I was hit head-on by a drunk driver. My life changed in an instant. I have firsthand knowledge of what clients are experiencing when they are seriously injured. I am dedicated to assist drunk driving victims recover adequately for their serious injuries or loss.

As a Chicago personal injury attorney, I have extensive experience with the Illinois Dram Shop Act and have field many lawsuits under it. The facts from the accident above may allow the victim's family to file an Illinois Dram shop lawsuit. Let's take a closer look at the Dram Shop Act. Under many instances, when a crash occurs with a drunk driver, a claim can be filed against the facility that served the alcohol to the drunk driver. This act provides additional insurance coverage to the victim or the family of the victim to help them maximize their recover for injuries or death. According to the Illinois Dram Shop Act the statute of limitations one year. This requires that swift investigation to determine the location(s) where the drunk driver was served alcohol to lead to the intoxication. The Dram Shop Act is very complicated and requires an attorney with extensive knowledge about it.

Nemeroff Law offices represented a family that was hit by a drunk driver, resulting in the death of three of the family members. The 19 yr. old drunk driver, was convicted of DUI and is serving a prison sentence. The driver had a minimal insurance policy of $20,000. We were able to maximize the recovery by suing the server of alcohol under the Illinois Dram Shop Act. Under this act, we needed to establish that each of the three victims who died did not die instantly. The personal injury attorneys at Nemeroff Law Offices used accident reconstruction reports and expert testimony that showed each person that died lived for seconds after the accident. By establishing that the victims lived for seconds after the crash, we were able to obtain the maximum dollar amount for our clients. That is $115,000 capped damages for each family member that was killed .

If you or a loved one member has been the victim of a drunk driver, it is imperative that you obtain an attorney that has extensive knowledge of the DUI laws in your state. At Nemeroff Law Offices we have handled a variety of accidents involving injuries that resulted from drunk driving accidents.

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