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Fatal car accident on Bishop Ford claims three lives

Posted by David Nemeroff | Aug 31, 2011 | 0 Comments

After reading this news article regarding a fatal crash on the Bishop Ford, it made me think about road safety precautions. It is reported that when the fatal crash occurred, the Chevy Cavalier was stopped or stalled in the middle lane. It was struck from behind by an SUV, killing the three passengers inside the car. This made me think, what can one do if your car suddenly stalls on a busy roadway?

A fatal car accident on the Bishop Ford Expressway has killed three people. The victims were a teenager, his mother, and a male passenger. It is reported that the car carrying the three victims, slowed down or stopped in the center lane while traveling on the highway. It is uncertain whether it was mechanical failure or perhaps the car ran out of gas. The car was rear ended by an oncoming SUV. All three passengers in the Chevy Cavalier were killed. None of the passengers in the SUV sustained any injuries.

According to Chicago personal injury attorney David Nemeroff, The National Safety Council suggests the following measures when your car breaks down or has a flat tire on the highway.

  • Put on your emergency flashers and try to maneuver your car to the emergency lane or the side of the road. If you are traveling on a highway, attempt to access an exit ramp.
  • Visibility is key. When on the side of the road, make your car visible. Use flares, reflector triangles, or use your emergency flashers. You can also put on the lights inside your car.
  • If you are changing a flat tire, make sure that you change it safely. Make sure that you are a safe distance from the road.

If your car is beyond repair, seek road side assistance:

  • Do not flag down oncoming vehicles.
  • Elevate your hood or tie something white to the radio antenna. Hang a white cloth in a window. This is a universal symbol for help and is recognized by police officers or tow truck operators.
  • Stand away from the vehicle.

When your car is safely out of traffic:

  • Lock your doors and wait inside your vehicle. Use your cellular phone to call for help. If someone offers to help, ask them to call the police or emergency roadside assistance.
  • Respond to only a uniformed police officer or other emergency personnel with credentials.

As an experienced Chicago car accident and injury attorney, I have had many clients that have injured on the roadside while waiting for assistance. It is important to keep yourself safe while waiting for help. By following some of the simple recommendations above, you could avoid injury. Keep your vehicle on regular maintenance schedule. to avoid breakdowns on the road.

Source: 3 Killed in Bishop Ford Crash, Chicago Sun Times, Sunday, Aug 28, 2011

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