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Chicago bicyclist killed by dump truck

Posted by David Nemeroff | Dec 17, 2011 | 0 Comments

Again at this time of year, I like to reflect on past blog posts. Another that has stayed on my mind is the cyclist that was run over by a garbage truck after falling of her bicycle. Imagine falling under a large commercial truck and not being able to get out from under it. This bicyclist lost her balance for a split second. Unfortunately, she slid under a truck. The truck advanced with traffic and crushed the victim. The victim sustained serious injuries that lead to her death. It reminds me, how a person's life can change in a split second.

Every evening as I drive home down La Salle St, bicyclists share the road with me. Some obey the rules of the road, others do not. Even the most cautious cyclist is no match for the sheer size of a big rig. Unfortunately, tragedy struck a bicyclist this weekend. A local Chicago female bicyclist was killed by a garbage truck. She was run over and crushed by a truck in Chicago. It was reported that she lost her balance and slid under a passing the truck. The victim was a local Chicago fitness instructor. She was attending the Lollapalooza festival in Grant Park. The garbage truck was stopped at a stoplight at the corner of Wabash Ave.

An eye witness reported that the victim was riding her bicycle between the truck and a 4-door car that was stopped. The bicyclist lost her balance and fell, placing her under the rear of the truck. Before the victim could get out of danger, the light turned green. The garbage truck driver then proceeded to move forward and the victim was crushed. The 25 year old victim was pronounced dead at the hospital.

According to Chicago injury lawyer David Nemeroff, over 500,000 bicyclists are taken to emergency rooms to be treated for injuries sustained while biking. Of those 500,000 approximately 67,000 are diagnosed with head injuries. Of those with head injuries over 27,000 have sustained injuries serious enough to be hospitalized. What amazes me is that, 1 in 8 of the bicyclists with head injuries has a traumatic brain injury. Over two-thirds of bicycle accident deaths are a direct result of a traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Traumatic brain injuries or TBI injuries suffered as a result of an accident can be life changing. Traumatic brain injuries can include injuries to the head or a traumatic brain, spinal cord paralysis.

Nemeroff Law Offices has represented many Chicago and suburban Illinois clients who have suffered personal injuries from bicycle accidents. We have represented families of cyclists who have been tragically killed in a bicycle accident. Often times the accident is as a result of the negligent or reckless behavior of another individual. Bicycle victims that have been injured in a bicycle accident, may be entitled to compensation. This could include compensation for medical bills that the victim incurred as a result of the accident. Many times the victim is compensated for pain and suffering. Other forms of compensation include the loss of earning, and future loss of earnings. In the event that a death has occurred as a result of the bicycle accident, you can file a wrongful death suit.

Source: ID released for bicyclist who died after falling under truck downtown, Chicago Tribune, Tuesday August 6, 2011

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