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$2,133,000 Police Misconduct

We obtained a jury verdict against the City of Chicago for the family of a 58 year old man that was killed, based upon the conduct of two Chicago police officers. The lawsuit was filed based upon the Illinois Domestic Violence Act, which requires police officers to use all reasonable means to prevent further domestic abuse when responding to a domestic violence call.

Two Chicago police officers responded to a 911 call from a south side home. They calmed down a hectic scene one time and left without making an arrest. Within 30 minutes, another 911 call came in from the same home. The same two police officers responded, finding the predominant aggressor to be intoxicated, out of control acting wildly, making stern gestures in the presence of the police. Despite this conduct, the police failed to make an arrest, took the aggressor outside in zero degree weather and left him on the sidewalk at three o'clock in the morning.

When the aggressor started to walk away before his ride arrived, the police chose to drive away. Within 6 minutes, another 911 came in from the home, asking for police assistance because the aggressor was breaking into the home. By the time the police arrived, the aggressor had broken into the home and murdered the 58 year old male owner of the home by striking him with a claw hammer and stabbing him.

The two week trial resulted in the jury deliberating for over ten hours over two days. The jury, in a unanimous verdict, found in favor of our client, the estate of the deceased man and against the City. The found the police officers acted in a willful and wanton fashion in their handling of the 911 calls and that that conduct was a proximate cause of the 58 year old man's death. They awarded $2,133,000 for his wrongful death.

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