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$13,000,000 Medical Malpractice

A Cook County jury entered a state record $13,000,000 verdict to the family of a 16 day old baby who died due to the negligent care rendered by a pediatrician, two nurses and Holy Cross Hospital on the south side.

The verdict for the wrongful death of this child due to medical malpractice came after a three week jury trial. The offer before trial to settle was only $250,000.

The 16 day old baby was born with a congenital condition called a chloaca, where she was born without an anal opening, vaginal opening or urethral opening. Instead, she had only one opening, were she was passing stool and urinating from. This condition was completely missed by the medical staff at the hospital. The baby was discharged after a three day hospital stay following birth. On day sixteen of life, she went into cardiac arrest due to a bowel obstruction and died later that day at the hospital.

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