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Case Results

$645,000 Drunk Driving Accident

A family of five was struck by drunk driver, resulting in the death of three of the family members and injuries to three others. The drunk driver, a 19 year old girl, was convicted of DUI. She had a small $20,000 insurance policy. We sued the server of alcohol under the Illinois Dram Shop Act. Although the Dram Shop Act has relatively small caps on damages, we were able to maximize the recovery. We had to show that each of the three people who died did not do so instantly, otherwise we could not recover under the Dram Shop Act for injury. Through the use of accident reconstruction reports and expert testimony, we showed that each person who died lived for seconds after the accident before they died. Although the testimony was at times gruesome, it was necessary to prove our case. As a result, we were able to get the maximum $115,000 capped damages for the surviving family members for each person that died that day.