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Failure to Diagnose

Chicago Failure to Diagnose Attorney

Cancer is a disease that can occur in virtually every part of the body. Every year thousands of Americans die from cancer. It has been medically proven that delay in treatment will affect survival rates and the quality of life that a patient experiences. Too often doctors fail to diagnose cancer early when the disease is still treatable. This type of error puts patients in danger of losing the option of early treatment, recovery and even remission. As experienced medical malpractice lawyers we have handled many failure to diagnose cases.

There are certain types of cancer that respond especially well to early treatment and diagnosis in most cases. They include Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Colon Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Testicular Cancer, and Kidney Cancer.

If you or a loved one has suffered due to a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of cancer, you may have a medical negligence claim. At the Nemeroff Law Offices, our experienced personal injury and medical malpractice attorneys help clients hold negligent physicians, doctors and hospitals responsible when their actions lead to serious illness or death.

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If you or a loved one has been a Misdiagnosis/ Failure to Diagnose Cancer claim, it is important to have experienced legal help. With years' experience handling personal injury cases, Nemeroff Law Offices has the knowledge and resources to appropriately litigate your claim in order to obtain justice

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