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Multi-Vehicle Accidents

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A car accident involving multiple vehicles is known as a multi-vehicle accident. As experienced Chicago car accident attorneys we have handled many cases involving mult-vehicle accidents. These accidents can also be referred to as a vehicle pileup or chain reaction accident. When a multi-vehicle accident occurs it can be very complicated. Typically there multiple injured parties and insurance companies involved. Due to complexities of multiple insurance companies and a variety of first and third party claims involved it is best to consult with an experienced Chicago injury attorney. In these types of chain reaction accident cases, an experienced attorney can be crucial to maximizing your compensation for your injuries.

Multiple vehicle accidents can occur due to many factors such as a rear-end auto accident or head-on collision. The most common multi-vehicle accidents are the result of one car crashing into another and a chain-reaction occurs. A chain reaction is when each car in the accident hits the car in front of them.

Types of multiple vehicle accidents:

  • Chain Reaction
  • Highway Vehicle Pileup
  • Head-On Collision

Determining fault in a multiple vehicle collision can be a daunting task. If you were injured as a result of a multi-vehicle pileup accident, hiring an experienced Chicago multi-vehicle accident attorney is vital to determining fault in your case. Fault is one of the most critical elements in any car accident claim. The individual at fault is the person whose negligence caused the accident. Typically, the person who is responsible or determined at fault will pay for the damage caused by his or her negligence. A thorough investigation needs to be conducted as soon as possible to preserve crucial evidence.

At Nemeroff Law Offices, we handle many types of automobile and motor vehicle accidents that can cause many types of injuries, including traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, fractures and burns. Many of the motor vehicle accident cases we handle include:

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