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Blind Spot Accidents

Chicago Blind Spot Attorney

A blind spot is the area of the road that is not visible to the driver. It may be located on the side of your vehicle or the area behind your vehicle.  As experienced Chicago personal injury lawyers, we handle many cases that involve blind spot accidents.  Many times cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles traveling along with you fall into these blind spots and are not visible. When cars fall into your “blind spot” it increases the possibility of a serious accident occurring.

Blind spots can be checked by:

  • Manual inspection by turning and visualizing area behind you
  • Utilizing rear view mirrors
  • Utilizing and side view mirrors.
  • Installation of larger side view mirrors to increase your fields-of-view.

Illinois No-Zone Truck Injury Lawyers

When a commercial truck is involved in a blind spot accident, it is often referred to as a no-zone accident. The size and the design of a large tractor trailer or commercial truck often impair the driver's ability to view vehicles traveling around it resulting in a serious accident. As Chicago truck accident lawyers, we handle many types of automobile and motor vehicle accidents that can cause many types of injuries, including traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, fractures and burns. Many of the motor vehicle accident cases we handle include:

An experienced Chicago truck crash attorney should be consulted when you are involved in a no-zone truck accident.  Determining who is at-fault for a no-zone accident can be a complicated question and is determined by the facts and circumstances of each case.  The driver of small passenger vehicles like an SUV, cars and motorcycles must be aware of truck no-zones.  These drivers may respect and attention to them.  All drivers on the road bear responsibility for being aware of dangers they may encounter.  Truck drivers, who must go through professional training, must also be educated about blind spots in their vision.  They have to take precautions to make sure that the risks involved with these blind spots are reduced.  The issue of blind spots is often brought upon during lawsuits and argued about when assessing each person and their responsibility for an accident.

It is vitally important to begin investigating a no-zone accident.  An experienced Chicago injury lawyer will take steps to preserve evidence that could necessary to prove your case.  Finding an interviewing eyewitnesses to an accident can sometime make or break your case.  Red-light cameras installed to cities and villages can help to obtain photos or video of an accident.  In today's technology, most tractor-trailers are equipped with black boxes.  These boxes can provide scores of information that can be important to the case.  Many black boxes will identify the location of the truck, speed of the truck at various times, including time of impact and other information that can benefit your case.  Many times, a lawsuit must be filed and a protective order entered by a court must be put in place to ensure that the data on the black box is not destroyed.

Our Chicago truck accident firm works with many experts, to help establish the liability in a case.  Black box experts are used to extract important data.  We also retain accident reconstruction experts where appropriate, to recreate and accident based upon the available evidence.  These experts, in serious injury and wrongful death cases, where the expense is warranted, can make all the difference between winning and losing a case.  Immediate accident by an experienced Chicago injury lawyer can go a long way toward securing a successful result for an injured victim.

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