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Countryside Personal Injury Attorney

Countryside, IL

Nemeroff Law Offices proudly serves the residents of Countryside.  Countryside is located in Cook County, Illinois.  The estimated population is over 6,000 residents.  The median income for a household in the city is over $45,000, and the median income for a family was over $64,000. The land where Countryside, Illinois is currently located was the home of the Potawatomie Indians.  The area consisted of rural farmland until 1871 when Chicago residents moved from the city to escape their homes that were destroyed by the Great Chicago Fire.  The area's first residential subdivision was LaGrange Terrace, built in 1947.  


The Countryside Police Department is the police agency that investigates Countryside car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and truck accident.  The Countryside Police Department is located at 5550 East Ave, Countryside, IL 60525. The Countryside Police Department is the police agency that investigates Countryside car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and truck accident.  If you are involved in an accident in Countryside involving personal injury, call 911.  To order an Illinois Traffic Crash Report, send a letter along with a $5 fee to the records division, Countryside City Police Department, 5550 East Ave, Countryside, IL 60525.  Make sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope so the report will be mailed back to you.  For non-emergency information, call (708) 352-2171.

The Illinois Traffic Crash Report is an important document when pursuing a person injury case.  It contains the name of the people involved in the accident, their addresses and the names and addresses of witnesses to the accident.  It documents whether or not a ticket was issued by the Countryside Police to any of the drivers involved in the car accident.  Finally, it contains the name and policy number for all of the people involved in a Countryside personal injury accident.


US Route 45 runs directly through Countryside, IL.  This is the main thoroughfare for trucks and cars in Countryside.  Main thoroughfares can become congested leading to an increase in car accidents on the roads and intersections. The intersection of US Route 45 and 55th St is a busy intersection in Countryside.   If you are involved in a Countryside car accident or Countryside truck accident, it is important to contact a Countryside car accident attorney.  

OUR FIRM: The Countryside car accident lawyers at Nemeroff law Offices are dedicated to serving our clients in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits, such as matters involving railroad, truck and car accidents, construction accidents, medical malpractice and nursing home abuse and neglect.  At the Chicago based Nemeroff Law Offices, our Country side car accident attorneys have a history of obtaining million dollar verdicts and settlements on behalf of clients throughout Illinois.  We believe that victims of negligence, whether injured in an accident or as a result of a health care provider's mistake, are entitled to fair compensation for their injuries and suffering.

We invite you to contact our Countryside car accident injury attorneys if someone you know has a Countryside personal injury or medical malpractice claim.  Our skilled attorneys will review the details of your claim and consult with you regarding the appropriate course of action to take.

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