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Chicago Truck Driver Error Accident Attorney

Truck Driver Drug Use

Truck driver are forbidden from using any controlled substances, unless it was prescribed by a licensed physician who knows the driver's medical history and is familiar with the driver's assigned duties. The physician must also have determined that the drug prescribed will not adversely affect the driver's ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

Federal regulations require that trucking companies test their drivers for alcohol and drug use as a condition of employment. Trucking companies are also required to subject drivers to periodic random drug or alcohol testing while they are on duty after an accident that involving a fatality.

Failure to Watch Blind Spots

Truck drivers are supposed to be trained to watch for vehicles that might enter a truck's blind spot, or “no-zone.” This is the zone in which a truck driver would not be able to see a passenger car. There are front, side, rear, right-turn and backing up “no-zones.” Truck driver error can occur when a truck driver is either unaware that another vehicle has entered the truck's blind spot or if the driver does not take precautions when a vehicle does enter that zone.

Truck Driver Error that Causes Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents involving semi-trucks can result in catastrophic injury or fatality. Most often, they are caused by errors such as taking a curve too fast, speeding, fatigue, inexperience or the improper distribution of a truck's load.

De-powering the Front Brakes or Improper Trailer Alignment

Sometimes, a truck driver or a trucking company will de-power the truck's front brakes and rely on the trailer brakes and downshifting in order to slow or stop the trucks. This practice allows them to minimize the wear and tear on brakes and tires, but in turn it greatly increases the risk of accidents, particularly jackknifing.

Additionally, when a truck driver neglects to properly attach the trailer, there is also an increased risk of jackknife accidents.

Some trucking companies utilize electronic data event recorders to record information about the truck and its operation. This information can include the truck's speed, patterns of speed, brake use, and hours of operation. Other devices, such as on-board computers, GPS and inclinometers can provide useful information after an accident.

Nemeroff Law Offices can collect the necessary information from any electronic equipment used to track a semi-truck's activities, as well as send accident reconstructionists to investigate the cause of your accident.


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